Rock Yer Block - Musicians For Brain Injury Awareness

~ Welcome ~

Rock Yer Block is a philanthropic organization who's mission is to bring musicians together to raise awareness for brain injury survivors.

Founded in 2015 by 8 year old guitarist and singer Adelaide Punkin Datzuk to support ABI and TBI survivors with a public voice, fund raising opportunities and community outreach. Adelaide continues to be a pint sized force to be reckoned with as she tours to promote the mission of Rock Yer Block.

"Brain injuries can happen to anyone, almost anywhere and at any age. I have met so many survivors some who have even lost the ability to speak, Rock Yer Block gives them a voice, music, and a chance to be heard."

Adeliade Punkin Datzuk

~Our Mission~

To raise awareness for brain injury survivors by bringing musicians together for concerts, community outreach and fundraising events.