Rock Yer Block - Musicians For Brain Injury Awareness

About Us

It all started with an 8 year olds a Birthday wish. Here is how it came together in her own words.....

"Hi, I'm Adelaide Punkin Datzuk... And this is the story of how I started Rock Yer Block.

For my 8th birthday my parents asked what I wanted to do for a party, I said I wanted to have a concert... a concert to raise money to help people.

So instead of a party and presents, we hosted the first Punkinstock!

I heard about festivals like Live Aid, where they raised all this money to feed the world. So I invited my friends and family to my birthday party, we asked them to buy a $5.00 ticket instead of bringing a present and then we donated a portion of the money to charities supporting Brain Injury survivors. We had lots of fun and made something really good happen. Now every year we use my birthday concert called Punkinstock to raise money for brain injury survivors and it just keeps getting bigger.

My dad works at a cool place called Mindscape Industries where they help people with brain injuries. That gave me the idea to put together the Rock Yer Block foundation.

With Punkinstock and Rock Yer Block I can be part of something bigger than just a party, something that me and the other musicians in our organization can use to help others."

Adelaide Punkin Datzuk
Host of Punkinstock
Founder of Rock Yer Block